SFI Privacy Policy

Carson Services, Inc. holds the privacy and security of our site visitors in the highest regard. The following information explains the type of information gathered on our sites and how that information is used:

When you join the SFI Affiliate program, we collect the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • Password
  • E-Mail Address

As an SFI Affiliate, you agree to allow us to share your first and last name and country of residence–in addition to your SFI account photo (should you decide to submit one)–on various pages on the SFI Affiliate Center. These pages include Leaderboards, Affiliate Snapshots, winner lists for contests, SFI Forum posts, etc., at the Affiliate Center. In addition, we may share your first name and initial of your last name, as well as your country of residence within pertinent announcements (such as news posts about contest winners) on our news blogs (i.e.,;

How is my e-mail information used?

E-mail addresses are used to send you training articles, vital newsletters, sales and commission notifications, order confirmations, customer service replies, etc. Your SFI sponsor (the person who refered you to SFI), your SFI co-sponsors, and your upline team leaders may also see your e-mail address in order to provide you with mentoring and other professional assistance. We NEVER sell, rent, or loan our e-mail lists to third parties. Period!

What about phone and fax numbers?

As an SFI affiliate, you may add your phone number, fax number, etc., for US to contact you and for YOU to be accessible to your group members. You can also choose HERE to share your phone and fax numbers (as well as your IM address) with your sponsor, co-sponsors, and/or personally sponsored affiliates. We NEVER sell, rent, or loan our list of customer fax or phone numbers, nor any other information about customers.

Other information we may collect:

On your Affiliate Account page, you may also provide OPTIONAL information, such as gender, birthdate, current occupation, etc. You may also decide to complete an Affiliate Profile in which you can share your experience with SFI, prior business experience, business strategies, your goals, etc. The information collected here is used solely to help us develop and improve our existing personalized training and support programs for Affiliates and to help present you with exact steps unique to your situation to help you build a successful business. Completion of your Affiliate Account Information and Affiliate Profile are optional. We will never share information you submit with outside third parties. YOU, however, may opt to share your Affiliate profile information with your sponsor, co-sponsors, team leaders, and/or fellow a2a members and you can change your mind about sharing that information at any time.


Upon request, you may request (free of charge) your personal data SFI has collected and stored. This information will be provided in a timely manner in a common readable format file.

Should you decide to opt out of the SFI program entirely, you may also request the complete erasure of all personal information (including name, photo, profile information, etc.) pertaining to you on SFI servers.